Recording from the EGC Webinar series will be listed here. Please note that not all of the lectures will be publicly shared. Please click on the titles to view the talks.


EGC 2020 Webinar series 


Dr. Mark Skidmore, Keele University, Title: Glycosaminoglycans as potential therapeutic agents against COVID-19 


Dr. Aurore Labourel, University of Warwick, Title: Discovery of fungal copper proteins evolutionarily related to lytic polysaccharides monooxygenases (LPMO)


Dr. Ben Schumann, Francis Crick Institute, Title: Chemical precision tools to understand the details of O-GalNAc glycosylation


Prof Lynne Howell, University of Toronto, Title: Microbial Exopolysaccharide biosynthesis: Molecular mechanisms to potential therapeutics


Prof Adele Gabba, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany, Title: Targeting MGL: C-type lectins and vaccines development


Prof. Mia Huang, Scripps Research Institute, US, Title: Mapping glycan-mediated galectin-3 interactions by live-cell proximity labeling


Prof. Myles Poulin, University of Maryland, US, Title: Probing substrate recognition by a biofilm dispersing glycosyl hydrolase enzyme


Dr. Haroldas Bagdonas, University of York, UK, Title: Integrative carbohydrate structure validation with Privateer 


Prof. Silvia Vignolini, University of Cambridge, UK, Title: Cellulose nano-structures in nature 2nd talk


Prof. Lina Cui, University of Florida, US, Title: Synthetic glycans in molecular imaging and drug discovery


Prof. Matthew Macauley, Alberta Glycomics Center, University of Alberta, Title: New chemical and biochemical tools to study the immunomodulatory Siglecs 2nd talk