EGC 2023 Webinar Recordings

Fabian Pfrengle, BOKU Synthetic Plant Glycans as Tools for Cell Wall Biology


Nitish Verma, INRS Canada Synthesis of Tumor-Related Type I Oligosaccharides Using Thioglycoside and Oxazoline Donors


Paula Videira, NOVA School of Science and Technology, Lisbon Insights on the immunopathology of altered glycosylation


David Morgenstern, Weizmann Institute Optimized Glycopeptide Enrichment Method – One bottleneck down



Pierre Lafite, University of Orleans Thioglycosides enzymatic synthesis – from thioglycoligases to S-glycosyltransferases


Maja Pučić Baković, Genos Ltd High-throughput glycomics – analytics behind biomarker discovery


Iain Wilson, BOKU, Vienna Comparing nematode glycomes – what’s still to be learnt?



Toshiki Nokami, Tottori University Electrochemical Synthesis of Cyclic Oligosaccharides



Hiromune Ando, Gifu University Stereo-controlled synthesis of alpha-glycosides of sialic acid and Kdo



Sean Austin, Nestlé Quantitative Determination of Human Milk Oligosaccharides



Hanne Tytgat, Nestlé Human milk oligosaccharides biology – current evidence



Joanna Mcgouran, Trinity College Dublin Nucleoside & Nucleotide modification towards probing DNA damage repair



Thaher Pelaseyed, University of Gothenburg From infancy to adulthood: Exploring the barrier function of membrane mucins in the small intestine



Alan Moran, Janssen Vaccines Serum N-glycosylation RPLC-FD-MS Assay to access colorectal cancer surgical interventions



Joseph Wakpal, Wayne State University Aminoglycosides as heparan sulfate mimetics to modulate heparanase activity



Nicole Snyder, Davidson College Glycan Mimetics as Decoys for Inhibiting Viral Entry



Daniel Polasky: MSFragger-Glyco and FragPipe for Glycoproteomics Data Analysis



Noortje de Haan, Leiden University Medical Centre Cellular Glycomics: Zooming-in at Cell Surface Glycoproteins



Thomas Boltje: Metabolic probes to investigate glycosylation



Daniel Ungar, University of York: Linking Golgi organisation and glycan processing – not all glycosites are born equal