This map highlights the wealth of expertise in each of the 3 Enabling Technology Areas across Europe. Click on the pins to view centres of expertise, facilities and capabilities and how to access them. Our aim is to foster collaboration between scientists of diverse background focussing on carbohydrate and metrology. The map also highlights commercial suppliers (look out for the blue pin) of carbohydrates with a catalogue of more than 500 standards available.

CarboMet - Enabling Technology Areas - ETA - Measurements and Analytical

Measurements and Analytical

CarboMet - Enabling Technology Areas - ETA - Synthesis of Standards

Synthesis of Standards

CarboMet - Enabling Technology Areas - ETA - Bioinformatics and Databases

Bioinformatics and Databases

CarboMet - Project Coordinator

CarboMet Project Coordinator

CarboMet - COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 Research

CarboMet - Toolbox Map Icon - Commercial Suppliers - Industry

Commercial Suppliers/Industry

This map will be regularly updated over the lifetime of CarboMet and it is anticipated that this will be a collective resource for all to reference and contribute to. Is something missing? Click here and fill in the form with the details so that it can be added to our map. (CarboMet privacy notice).

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Interactive Online Toolbox and Database

Commercial Suppliers of Carbohydrates



Dextra Laboratories







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