Australian Glycoscience Society

Glyco@Oz was originally founded as an informal network in late 2019 following the 1st and 2nd Australasian Glycoscience Symposium (Lorne, VIC, Feb, 2018 and Adelaide, SA, Sep, 2019, respectively), which highlighted the need for a network that could serve to connect Australian glycoscientists across institutions and interest areas.

Capitalising on the success of the Glyco@Oz network and building on the substantial momentum and support from the community, we launched the Australian Glycoscience Society in July 2022.

The mission of the Australian Glycoscience Society is to advance the glycosciences in Australia by:

  • Raising the profile of the glycosciences in Australia and internationally
  • Diversifying and strengthening the glycosciences within Australia by facilitating connections between individuals and other associations, within Australia and internationally
  • Advancing the glycosciences through outreach and exchange across all fields relevant to the science of sugars
  • Advancing education by fostering the talents of young glycoscientists

Find out more about Glyco@Oz here

Glycoforum EU Glycoscience Special Feature

Glycoforum are hosting a special feature on EU glycoscience research and would like EU glycoscientists to author articles from any area of glycoscience. Glycoforum aims to make glycoscience accessible to all and so the articles should be written in an easy to understand manner. Authors will receive an honorarium for their contributions. For further information please see the author guidelines. If you wish to participate please contact Naoki Ota (  Article_Guidelines_for_Glycoforum_2022.08


Glycoforum® was established in 1997, with the aim of introducing rapidly developing carbohydrate research in an understandable way not only to specialists but also widely to those who are interested in the field through publication of review articles, research introductions, etc. by front-line glycoscience researchers, thereby contributing to development of the carbohydrate research field.

GlyGen: Computational and Informatics Resources for Glycoscience

GlyGen is a data integration and dissemination project for carbohydrate and glycoconjugate related data. GlyGen retrieves information from multiple international data sources and integrates and harmonizes this data. The GlyGen web portal allows exploration of this data and execution of unique searches that cannot be performed using any of the integrated databases in isolation. GlyGen also provides machine readable APIs and a SPARQL endpoint to access the integrated data.

Glycoscience seminar

NIH and FDA Glycoscience research day 2020.

This event features a broad range of aspects of the glycosciences; promote communication and interaction among intramural laboratories, as well as with researchers from local universities; and facilitate collaboration. The meeting will include morning and afternoon platform sessions.

CarboMet Roadmap draft

CarboMet CSA proposal

You can view and download a copy of the proposal for CarboMet here

CarboMet e-Newsletter January 2018

Download the January 2018 newsletter here: CarboMet eNewsletter Jan 2018

CarboMet Scoping workshop Barcelona 05 July 2017

CarboMet flyer (A5)

We have produced a flyer about CarboMet and the importance of Carbohydrate Metrology in a number of BioIndustry sectors for dissemination purposes. To view and share the flyer you can download here.

A Roadmap for Glycoscience in Europe

This document outlines areas where glycoscience can address some of the challenges faced by Europe and contains recommendations for future research activities.

Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future

Complementing ‘Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future’, it is hoped that this will be a useful document for scientists, policy makers, funding bodies and the general public alike.

Essentials of Glycobiology

Essentials of Glycobiology by Varki et al


An online encyclopedia on a wide range of glycosicence topics

From the Sugar Platform to Biofuels and Biochemicals

From the Sugar Platform to biofuels and biochemicals – Final report for the EC Directorate-General Energy


Glycoinformatics – text book from SpringerLink

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