EGC 2023 Webinar Schedule

A series of free to attend Webinars to highlight the innovative and ground breaking glycoscience research in Europe and Globally. This is part of the EGCs long-term vision in establishing a European-wide glycoscience research network with strong links with leading scientists from around the world. The Webinar series is open to all international scientists and will provide a platform for young and established researchers to network, share ideas, and build long-term partnerships to drive glycoscience innovation in the four CarboMet Bioindustry sectors.

If you are interested in participating in the series, please send an expression of interest to the organising committee at

Please follow the links below for webinar registration.


EGC Webinar 46 – Glycochemistry (Jan 26, 4 pm CET)

Fabian Pfrengle, BOKU

Synthetic Plant Glycans as Tools for Cell Wall Biology

Nitish Verma, INRS Canada

Synthesis of Tumor-Related Type I Oligosaccharides Using Thioglycoside and Oxazoline Donors


EGC Webinar 47 – Analytical Glycosciences (Feb 9, 4 pm CET)

Kevin Pagel, Freie Universitaet Berlin

Mass Spectrometry Based Techniques to Elucidate the Sugar Code

Katarina Madunovic, University of Copenhagen

Unraveling mucin type O-glycomic signatures of colorectal cancer


EGC Webinar 48 – Glycobiology (Feb 23, 4 pm CET)

Paula Videira, NOVA School of Science and Technology, Lisbon

Insights on the immunopathology of altered glycosylation

David Morgenstern, Weizmann Institute

Optimized Glycopeptide Enrichment Method – One bottleneck down


EGC Webinar 49 – Glycochemistry (March 9, 4 pm CET)

Alla Zamyatina, BOKU, Vienna

Immunomodulatory glycolipids targeting LPS-recognising receptors

Pierre Lafite, Université d’Orléans

Thioglycosides enzymatic synthesis : from thioglycoligases to S-glycosyltransferases


EGC Webinar 50 – Analytical Glycosciences (March 23, 4 pm CET)

Maja Pučić Baković, Genos Ltd

High-throughput glycomics – analytics behind biomarker discovery

Iain Wilson, BOKU, Vienna

Comparing nematode glycomes – what’s still to be learnt?


EGC Webinar 51 – Glycobiology (Apr 6, 4 pm CEST)

Gaby Rabinovitch, University of Buenos Aires

Galectins as glyco checkpoints and therapeutic targets in cancer and inflammation

Faezeh Jame-Chenarboo, University of Alberta

High-throughout analysis reveals miRNA upregulationg alpha-2,6-sialic acid through direct mi-RNA-mRNA interations


EGC Webinar 52 – Glycochemistry joint with Glycoforum Japan (Apr 20, 10 am CEST)

Toshiki Nokami, Tottori University

Electrochemical Synthesis of Cyclic Oligosaccharides

Hiromune Ando, Gifu University

Stereo-controlled synthesis of alpha-glycosides of sialic acid and Kdo


EGC Webinar 53 – Analytical Glycosciences Nestlé Human Milk Oligosaccharide session (May 4, 4 pm CEST)

Sean Austin

Quantitative Determination of Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Hanne Tytgat

Human milk oligosaccharides biology – current evidence



EGC Webinar 54 – Glycobiology (May 18, 4 pm CEST)

Katarína Mikušová, Comenius University Bratislava

Learning the ABC’s of mycobacterial arabinogalactan biosynthesis and beyond

Bruno Linclau, Ghent University

Modifying carbohydrate lipophilicity through fluorination


EGC Webinar 55 – Glycochemistry (June 1, 4 pm CEST)

Joanna Mcgouran, Trinity College Dublin

Nucleoside & Nucleotide modification towards probing DNA damage repair

Debashis Dhara, Institut Pasteur

Towards a promising synthetic glycan-based conjugate vaccine against Shigella sonnei


EGC Webinar 56 – Analytical Glycosciences (June 15, 4 pm CEST)

Thaher Pelaseyed, University of Gothenburg

From infancy to adulthood: Exploring the barrier function of membrane mucins in the small intestine

Lorna Milne, University of Nottingham

Title to be confirmed


EGC Webinar 57 – Glycobiology (Sept 14, 4 pm CET)

Thomas Boltje, Radboud University Nijmegen

Metabolic Probes to Investigate Glycosylation

Johan Pijnenborg, Synvenio

Synvenio offers chemical tools for glycobiology research

David Lim, University of Bern

Protecting group free synthesis of glycosides in water


EGC Webinar 58 with ACS Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry & Chemical Glycobiology)

(Sept 28, 5 pm CET)

Joseph Wakpal, Wayne State University

Rational design of aminoglycosides as heparan sulfate mimetics to modulate heparanase activity

Nicole Snyder, Davidson College

Glycan mimetics as decoys for inhibiting viral entry


EGC Webinar 59 – Analytical Glycoscience (Oct 12, 4 pm CET)

Noortje de Haan, Leiden University Medical Centre

Cellular Glycomics: Zooming-in at Cell Surface Glycoproteins

Dan Polasky, University of Michigan

Building an Extensive Toolkit for Glycoproteomics Data Analysis with MSFragger-Glyco and FragPipe


EGC Webinar 60 – Glycobiology (Oct 26, 4 pm CET)–mcpLzkpgFQ

Francis Jacob, University of Basel

Dissecting Glycan Dynamics in Cancer Cell Plasticity: From Biomarker Discovery to Single-Cell Glycomics

Ana Sofia de Jesus Vaz Luis University of Gothenburg

Mucin utilization by the microbiota – the multiple steps to breakdown complex glycans


EGC Webinar 61 – Glycochemistry (Nov 9, 4 pm CET)

Alla Zamyatina, BOKU, Vienna

Title TBC

Jiaoyang Jiang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Decoding the recognition mystery of O-GlcNAc transferase


EGC Webinar 62 – Analytical Glycoscience (Nov 23, 4 pm CET)

Sebastian Malik, Roche Diagnostics

Implementation of in vitro glycoengineering of monoclonal antibodies into downstream processing

Daniel Ungar, University of York

Linking Golgi organisation and glycan processing – not all glycosites are born equal


EGC Webinars 63 with the Society for Glycobiology (Dec 7, 4 pm CET)

Sajina GC, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY

Title TBC

Karin Strijbis, Utrecht University

Title TBC