EGC 2024 Webinar Schedule

Our webinar series is now recognised by the European Chemical Society


A series of free to attend Webinars to highlight the innovative and ground breaking glycoscience research in Europe and Globally. This is part of the EGCs long-term vision in establishing a European-wide glycoscience research network with strong links with leading scientists from around the world. The Webinar series is open to all international scientists and will provide a platform for young and established researchers to network, share ideas, and build long-term partnerships to drive glycoscience innovation in the four CarboMet Bioindustry sectors.

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Webinar Schedule


EGC Webinars #64 Glycochemistry (Jan 25, 4 pm CET) 

Laura Petrosilli, Università degli Studi di Milano

Cutting edge approach for the synthesis of Streptococcus pneumoniae 6A/6C vaccine candidate

Peter Sunde-Brown (Keele University)

Practical large-scale synthesis of iminosugars from D-fructose


EGC Webinars #65 Analytical Glycoscience (Feb 8, 4 pm CET) 

Sabine Flitsch (University of Manchester)

Hyphenated IM-MS methods for carbohydrate sequencing: A fragment-based approach

Javier Sastre Torano (Utrecht University)

Exact glycan structure identification by high-resolution fingerprinting and de novo sequencing via ion mobility-mass spectrometry


EGC Webinars #66 Glycobiology (Feb 22, 4 pm CET) 

Oliver Grant (CCRC)

Understanding the origin of glycoform diversity as a function of glycoprotein shape

Filipe Natalio (Weizmann Institute, Israel) Postponed Until October 10th 

Re-designing cellulose through material farming


EGC Webinars #67 Glycochemistry (March 7, 4 pm CET) 

Carmen Cori Calizaya (University of Basel)

Synthesis of galactofuranose-containing oligosaccharides: constituents of Trypanosoma cruzi mucins

Tom Sheppard (University College London)

Sugars as sustainable feedstocks for organic synthesis


EGC Webinars #68 Analytical Glycoscience (March 21, 4 pm CET) 

Jack Li, Utrecht University

Title TBC

Speaker 2

Title TBC


EGC Webinars #69 with Australian Glycoscience Society  (April 4, 9 am CEST) 

Ethan Goddard-Borger, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Deciphering the prevalence, mechanism and function of protein C-glycosylation

Rebeca Kawahara, Institute for Glyco-core Research, Nagoya University, Japan

Understanding Life and Diseases Through Glycoproteomics


EGC Webinars #70 Glycochemistry with Glycoforum Japan (April 18, 10 am CEST) 

Prof Jun-ichi Kadokawa (Kagoshima University)

Glucan phosphorylase-catalyzed enzymatic synthesis of functional amylosic and its analog materials

Prof Takeshi Serizawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Synthetic Nanocelluloses: Molecularly Designable Cello-Oligosaccharide Assemblies


EGC Webinars #71 Analytical Glycoscience (May 2, 4 pm CEST) 

Adam Barb, University of Georgia

The N162 glycan on Fc gamma receptor IIIa regulates antibody-dependent cytotoxicity of human natural killer cells

Arnaud Delobel,

Orthogonal LC/MS methods for the comprehensive characterisation of therapeutic glycoproteins


EGC Webinars #72 Glycobiology (May 16, 4 pm CEST) 

Tom McAllister, University of Newcastle

Title TBC

Timm Fiebig (Hannover Medical School)

Title TBC


EGC Webinars #73 Glycochemistry (May 30, 4pm CEST)

*Please note: This is an additional webinar, if you registered for the whole series then this webinar has was not included. Please make sure you register for this webinar separately.

Rupa Nagar, University of Dundee

Title TBC

Speaker 2

Title TBC


EGC Webinars #74  Analytical Glycoscience (June 13, 4 pm CEST) 

Yehia Mechref

Title TBC

Speaker 2

Title TBC


EGC Webinars #75 Glycobiology (June 27, 4 pm CEST) 

Speaker 1

Title TBC

Speaker 2

Title TBC


Summer Break